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It's been one of those months where there's always something going on, and there's still stuff going on.

On the last weekend of April there was the Grilled Cheese Invitational, for which clynne was the "executive officer" (my term - she made sure whatever had to happen, happened) and I was a volunteer who did various odd jobs. It was a great success, even if it was a second full-time job for her during most of April.

The weekend of May 1 we drove up to San Francisco and attended the wedding of our friends Jason and Djinnaya. The ceremony was at this neat WPA-built monument called the Pulgas Water Temple, and the reception was in a meadow in Golden Gate Park. We were asked to dress "freak fabulous", so I wore my Meistersinger von Nurnberg opera costume. I probably turned a few heads when we went for lunch burritos in San Bruno.

Anyway, that was Saturday; on Sunday I flew back down, as Connie-Lynne was going to work the next week and the drive back down with our new trailer. The trailer wound up not getting finished, so I flew back up there the Saturday after and we drove back down with the utility trailer of the guy building us ours. (See below for why.)

Then this last weekend we had a birthday cookout party for doafy at our place, where not one but two people performed magic tricks for her. No clowns, though - and that's probably for the best, given what happens when our friends dress like clowns.

Tomorrow we leave town to go to Flipside, the Burning Man regional event in Texas (it's being held about an hour east of Austin). We are towing the previously mentioned utility trailer as our sleeping quarters. Our plan is to take our time getting out there, stopping to visit Carlsbad Caverns among other places and getting to the event on Thursday; it runs through Memorial Day. Then we head back home, probably taking a different route. Our fake dog Rowdy will be accompanying us, and there will definitely be photos taken at suitable spots.

A short while ago I started rereading John Brunner's Stand on Zanzibar, the 1969 Hugo-winning novel set in the then-distant future year of 2010 (in fact, the novel starts on May 3, 2010, and I started reading it a week after that). It's still a great book even if it's clearly the late '60s extrapolated 40 years forward.

Oh, and I never mentioned on LJ that in January we got ourselves a new kitten, Jane Earl Jones (we just call her Jane). Here she is (front) in a picture from February sitting in a basket with Izzy. One reason we got her was that Izzy was giving our older cat Sydney a hard time, so we though a kitten might give him someone to boss around who was more his age and energy level ... it turns out she follows him around and does everything he does all time time, to his immense annoyance (although he's starting to figure out ways to outsmart her).
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