Erich Schneider (erich_schneider) wrote,
Erich Schneider

Ten years

Today is Connie-Lynne's and my tenth wedding anniversary. Ten years ago was two houses ago, when our set of three cats was completely different from the two we have now. It was two (or three, depending on how you count my current status) jobs ago for me, and more than that for Connie-Lynne, who at the time was in the middle of going back to and finishing college. We had been together for about three and a half years, but sharing a living space only for seven months or so. Of our various brothers and sisters, we were the first to get married (beating out Connie-Lynne's sister by three months).

Between then and now there have been plenty of ups and downs and many adventures: road trips, three Burning Mans together (and four for her solo), Ground Control, Dungeon Master, the Derby Dolls, the Grilled Cheese Invitational, various gaming groups, my ongoing yoga practice (which has been joint at various times), our move to Northern California, and other one-off bits of wackiness - and each of those things has brought new groups of friends into our lives. We've also helped each other weather serious illness, job setbacks, and the loss of people and pets close to us.

A former co-worker told me that when I talked about all the things Connie-Lynne and I were doing together, that we "sounded like newlyweds". I hope to keep that spirit alive in the years to come and to have a lifetime of love and togetherness.

Tonight we're heading north to a bed and breakfast in Mendocino for the weekend, staying in a cottage with its own hot tub and climbable water tower.
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