Erich Schneider (erich_schneider) wrote,
Erich Schneider

Year's End

I last posted an update here about six months ago. Many things have happened in the interim, but as far as my posting frequency is concerned, the big one is that I joined Facebook and Google Plus (I only use the latter for reading). At first it was because I was tired of having to ask other people to tell me about things only visible on Facebook, but I have found I enjoy communicating with people in those little sound bites. I feel like I am too busy experiencing life to spend a lot of time writing about it, and by the time I get around to it, the intensity of whatever it was has faded.

Two months ago we moved north to Redwood City, due to Connie-Lynne's new job with Groupon in Palo Alto. I've had a really good time in those two months, exploring our local neighborhood and bits of San Francisco, getting together with a new acroyoga community, and seeing our friends who live up here. There are things I miss from living down south (like the great game store in Pasadena where I'd play something weekly) but on balance I am very happy living here. Now if only I could have a vision of what our house will look like when all of our boxes are unpacked!

In early October I went to an acroyoga festival in Richmond, CA, and at the beginning of December a three-day intense workshop in Oakland. I am at a stage where I want to figure out where I want to go with the practice - moving from a "taking classes in a studio" mode to integrating it more into my life. Having practiced regular yoga for 10+ years I'm a big believer in learning it to a point where one primarily does it on one's own. Since acroyoga involves multiple people, I think this means getting involved in more informal practicing. I imagine that when the weather warms up there will be plenty of opportunity.

Our plan, when we moved up here, was that I'd work through November or so and then take some time off to enjoy myself and think about where I'm going next, careerwise. However, we quickly realized that due to the financial numbers, I'd need to keep working until we got a tenant for our house in Altadena, which we decided not to sell. We have a property management company running ads and showing it to people, but I am going to keep working as a remote consultant for First Quadrant until someone starts renting it. My intention is to have my next job be something that makes me truly excited to get up in the morning and go to work. Fortunately, I'm in the center of the tech world, so I think that's possible.

Tomorrow we're driving down south for a one-week trip - a few days staying in a mountain house with Connie-Lynne's brother and sister and their spouses and some friends, then a few days at Disneyland for her birthday. Today's a day for taking care of some errands and packing. I hope all of you reading this have a fun transition to the new year!
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