Erich Schneider (erich_schneider) wrote,
Erich Schneider


Over the 4th of July weekend, I went camping with a bunch of friends at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. I hadn't been there since Burning Man in 2008, after which I said I wouldn't go back, due to my three Burning Man trips all involving being nauseous to the point of throwing up every morning for 3-4 days. But, Connie-Lynne really wanted me to go up with her and said we could leave right away if I had the same reaction.

Happily, I had no health problems at all. I think it's because there weren't 50,000 people chewing up the playa surface with the attendant dust issues. I also hate the dust getting all over me and every surface around, and that wasn't happening. And finally, Connie-Lynne made arrangements so I could eat throughout the day without having to do a lot of preparation, which helped my sense of well-being a lot.

So, it was a good time. I went skeet shooting for the first time (I think I went 4 for 14 against the clay pigeons), and we spent one hot afternoon swimming in a nearby reservoir (something you can't really do at Burning Man). But most gratifying was how happy everyone was to see me, when they thought I'd never be out there again, and how happy Connie-Lynne was to have me with her.
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