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Thank you all for your kind words about Sydney.

Friday was a pretty tiring day, what with the unhappy events in the morning, then flying and driving, which involved getting caught in the awful traffic between Oakland and Santa Rosa in the afternoon.

But, the weekend was pretty pleasant overall. The wedding was held at the Mendocino Woodlands Camp, which was originally built by the WPA and is a few miles outside of town (including a "several miles down a dirt road" component) in a beautiful wooded valley. The only problem with the accomodations was that I failed to pick up some blankets some people had brought up for us, nor did I build a fire in the cabin's fireplace, so we were very cold with the blankets that we had on the first night. We fixed that problem for the second night, though.

We had a good time with all of our friends there. Connie-Lynne accurately described the ceremony as "a half hour of wedding-related stand-up comedy followed by some vows". Perfectly suited to the bride and groom.

We returned to San Francisco Sunday evening, after a final game of fizzball (think baseball with cans of beer). Yesterday morning I finally got to eat at our friends Heidi and Nate's restaurant in SF, the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, which was great. Connie-Lynne then went to work, so I had the city and the rental car to myself for the day. I had wanted to go to the Exploratorium, but it turned out to be closed, so I wound up visiting a bunch of bookstores in Berkeley. I think I have to come up with a new default activity for when I am in another city with time to kill, because visiting bookstores has grown more unsatisfying over the years - I have a large queue of books to read, hardly ever buy new ones, and most anything new I would buy I'd buy from the local bookstore a few blocks from my office.

I had thought my flight from Oakland was at 8pm and scheduled my arrival at the airport accordingly - it turns out I was actually booked on the 7pm flight. Oops. Fortunately they managed to put me on the 8pm flight without problems.
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