Erich Schneider (erich_schneider) wrote,
Erich Schneider

Still here

It's somewhat surprising that September is almost over and summer is gone. It's been kind of a tough summer for me, for various personal reasons, and that's mostly what's kept me from posting.

One of the things that has been tough has been the sickness of our big cat, Sydney. In early August we learned he had an effectively inoperable and untreatable tumor behind one of his eyes. He's lasted longer than we expected him to, but he's been getting worse in the last week or so, with obvious suffering. So, after consulting with his special cancer vet today, we're going to put him to sleep tomorrow morning. It's never a good time for that sort of thing, but it's extra bad now, because Connie-Lynne and I are attending the wedding of some friends this weekend in Mendocino. Connie-Lynne had already flown up to San Francisco this morning to do some work in her company's home office today; I was supposed to fly up there early tomorrow morning. Now, she's flying back from Oakland tonight, and we're both flying back up there in the early afternoon tomorrow, after we take care of things.

Sydney is the last of Connie-Lynne's cats that she had before the two of us got together. I was never a pet person before I started dating her, but Sydney especially grew on me, and I will always think of him as my big boy. I will never forget his bringing rats to dinner parties, or trying to steal food from me as I was putting it in my mouth, or his enormous purr, or his participating in the yoga class we had before our wedding, or the his trick of sitting up and begging. When I played the computer game Nethack I always named my pet cat "Sydney", and the two of us spent many hours battling monsters in the dungeon. It has been really hard seeing him get sick and slow down and stop doing the things he loved to do, and I will miss him a lot.

Here's hoping that my happiest days are still ahead of me.
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